Throw Back Thursday, Hawaii

A few years ago, the same year as our magical Disney visit, we managed to get stuck in Hawaii for several days. We were flying space-a on military cargo planes and I’m not sure there has ever been a worse two weeks of luck than what we had. It was a colossal mess.

Luckily for us we had a really nice couple of days in the midst of the mess. Between hopping hotels, riding taxis back and worth between Waikiki and the base we were able to do a little site seeing, enjoy some good food and go to the beach.

We are a beach family. The sand, the cool water, the waves, the colors – we love it all!

 photo Hawaii 2 WM_zps5xpsbj0v.jpg

 photo Hawaii 3 WM_zpsbepfr34d.jpg

Honolulu really is a beautiful city. An extremely busy city, but when you can drown out the chaos and experience the beauty of Hawaii it’s a lovely experience. Truly beautiful city.

 photo Hawaii 4 WM_zpsrojykrt6.jpg


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