Just call me Mrs Sifu, I think.

Today was a big day for my husband. Today he tested to become a certified instructor in Wing Chun. I’ll admit I don’t fully understand his excitement, but based off of who his teacher is, Alessandro Arangio Febbo, apparently it’s kind of a big deal. Think of it as a family tree:

Ip Man – as in the guy all the movies are about.

Ip Chun – Ip Man’s son.

Alessandro Arangio Febbo- Adam’s instructor at Okinawa Ryuibukan Association


………That’s a mighty short family tree folks! So, yes, kind of a big deal!

This is a dream that has been a long time coming for my husband and while I don’t fully understand his love of the art, I’m incredibly proud of him. He kept with his dream over the years and today has taken the biggest step yet. The time to expand his dream will come one day I have no doubt.

At a certain point in his testing he had the kids and I come into the dojo to watch him finish up. Naturally I brought my camera. I’m pretty happy with several shots, but going through the 50 photos I took I am once again VERY up inside my own head thinking I got something great only to find out it’s blurry. Damn aperture! I will master you and get better!

 photo Adam KF WM_zpssfxwu0kd.jpg

 photo Adam KF 2 WM_zps21gfclpe.jpg

 photo Adam KF 3 WM_zpsfbje2kju.jpg

 photo Adam KF 5 WM_zpslu1ivgxt.jpg

 photo Adam KF 6 WM_zpstevzqujb.jpg

 photo Adam KF 10 WM_zpsw3xxikld.jpg

And of course the kids had to get in on this a little bit. I’ll be totally honest, this is my favorite shot of the day. It’s simple and dare I say lovely. I have completely hair envy of my daughter as well. Such a beauty.

 photo Adam KF 4 WM_zpsvwd9zqgd.jpg

 photo Adam KF 7 WM_zpsp38jvj3w.jpg

To finish out our morning at the dojo Sifu asked Ethan to show him his Sil Lim Tau. He did a pretty great job and Sifu was wonderful with him.

 photo Adam KF 8 WM_zps9zvnyz76.jpg

Like his mama he closes his eyes when he’s concentrating.

 photo Adam KF 9 WM_zpslxkbzvxb.jpg

Libby got a little shy with Sifu.

 photo Adam KF 11 WM_zpsybtlelej.jpg

So, big day for my husband and a fun morning over all. For the black and white edition click HERE.



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