That’s how many miles we drove in 10 days. Not terrible but certainly more than enough. As previously mention a thousand times we are a military family which means we move often. In less than 90 days my kids and I will be packed up, back in the car and moving to Arizona. Hopefully to … More 3,025.7

Atop: Weekly Photo Challenge

Mt Yaedake, Okinawa. The views are incredible and it is at it’s most stunning during the Cherry Blossom season. I had to include this one because of my love for the cherry blossoms. I also like how you can see in the background that I was up high overlooking the water. Atop

Feeling Artsy

As the kids and I were driving home the other night the weather quickly started to turn. A fog fell into our valley and it was gorgeous out on the water. So we pulled off to the side of the road at the KwaTaqNuk, hopped out and I started taking pictures. For the frist time … More Feeling Artsy

Trying to Thaw

Winter is still pretty well in swing here in western Montana, but we have had a few days where our part of the world has been trying to thaw. It’s been years since I’ve experience a legit winter and I’ve never experienced one in this part of Montana. What I’m learning is that when the … More Trying to Thaw