Atop: Weekly Photo Challenge

Mt Yaedake, Okinawa. The views are incredible and it is at it’s most stunning during the Cherry Blossom season. I had to include this one because of my love for the cherry blossoms. I also like how you can see in the background that I was up high overlooking the water. Atop

Feeling Artsy

As the kids and I were driving home the other night the weather quickly started to turn. A fog fell into our valley and it was gorgeous out on the water. So we pulled off to the side of the road at the KwaTaqNuk, hopped out and I started taking pictures. For the frist time … More Feeling Artsy

Trying to Thaw

Winter is still pretty well in swing here in western Montana, but we have had a few days where our part of the world has been trying to thaw. It’s been years since I’ve experience a legit winter and I’ve never experienced one in this part of Montana. What I’m learning is that when the … More Trying to Thaw

Hello Gorgeous

I love a good sunset but I’m learning to love sunrises. Nearly every morning on the drive the school the skies are beautiful. Somewhere along the lines I started saying “Hello gorgeous”. This was today from the parking lot of the pool. #hellogorgeous

Outdoor Fun

For most of my children’s lives they’ve lived in a fourth floor apartment with no yard or park nearby. It’s just how it was in Okinawa. We made up for it in other ways, hell day tripping! All that to say my kids are LOVING having a yard here in Montana. And not just a … More Outdoor Fun


In December we decided to adopt another kitten. Lord knows what I was thinking but it happened. It took a few weeks for Luna to really come around and love us as her family. Now however she’s vibrant. That’s truly the first word that came to my mind. She plays hard, sleeps hard and misses … More Luna