Work on a Sunday?

For me? Yup. The end of next month will mark the 4th anniversary of the day I met with Pastor Ben to discuss my thoughts on the church’s social media and walked out with a job offer to be his assistant. It hasn’t always been easy sailing as one might expect from a church but I do love and mostly enjoy my job. I especially love the people I work with.

July of 2022 brought a promotion to the table. I moved from being Ben’s assistant to now being the Director of Communications. It’s been… a bumpy transition. I have faith I’m where I need to be and everything will shake out in the end. Change is always hard and so much changed (beside my job) at the exact same time. I have a new boss, completely different responsibilities that seem to reach into almost every aspect of our church. Editor, gatekeeper of our graphic designer, 10 social media accounts to oversee, managing our app – I could keep going. It’s incredibly overwhelming at times.

But when I step back and I see the fruits of the labor, as painful as it is, I love it. My coworkers are my people. I love taking and posting photos and video on social media. I’ve learned to edit video and I’m learning to mix audio for the live stream. The creativity this job has unlocked the last two years has been unbelievably fun. I’ve learned a lot!

But it also means I work Sundays.


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