And the runner up is …

No place in this world will ever have sunsets like Montana. I’m 100% biased and I’ll own that. There’s a reason it’s Big Sky Country. Big skies lend themselves to big sunsets and sunrises. They’re stunning. However, Arizona comes pretty darn close some days. This particular night was heavy with clouds almost ominous. It was also the night I flat out did not want to cook. Out to the car, the kids and I went to run out and find some food. As I’m backing out of the driveway, I noticed how gorgeous the sky was. Threw the car back in park and ran back inside for my camera with hangry kids in the back seat groaning, “Really mom?” Totally worth it.

This is directly from our driveway.

And around the corner to a more open street. It reminds me of a streaking comet’s tail.

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