Satisfaction: Weekly Photo Challenge

I can’t get no satisfaction….. Ok tell me that song isn’t running through your head right now. Just me? Oh. Well then. Ahem.

We’ve been in moving mode. Moving mode means setting up a new house and while I like our new home the previous owner and I have drastically different decorating skills. She was very southwestern with deep reds and mustard yellows where I’m more cooling greens, blues and slates (I’m obsessed with slate blue for this house for some reason).

Our master bed is a beast and flat out a pain to take apart and put back together. That meant I had to pick a paint color on the fly because mama wanted her bed! I ended up with, what I think is, a gorgeous blue slate. I think it goes fabulously with the curtains and the dark wood of our bed.


In most lighting it looks blue but it has tendencies to run deep gray and sometimes a tad green. I have plans to continue with the color once the rest of the house is settled. For the weeks challenge I find this ‘picked on a whim’ color incredibly satisfying.


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