Holy smokes. I’ve moved several time, thank you military, but I have to say I’m pretty over the whole process. Somehow my husband has managed to never actually be home when it’s time to move! Sneaky devil. I shouldn’t give him a bad time because it’s not that he didn’t want to be around the military just never has it line up.

First time we moved to England and he was sent in July while I had to sit around in the states waiting for my VISA to come through and I joined him at the end of August. Second time around he was already in Korea so it made zero sense for him to fly back to England in order for us to move to Japan. Third time around he again went to Korea while the kids and I came stateside. Shenanigans I say!

Thankfully the trip was mostly smooth and the kids and I have settled in fairly well. They’ve already started at their new school, hello shortest summer ever, and they are enjoying the freedom our new house gives us as they can walk to and from school.

Unpacking2First day of school 2017

All this to say, I’m back and kinda sorta set up. I’m itchy to edit and share some of the photos I took during our last couple of weeks in Montana and how life is shaping up in Arizona.


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