Family, 2017

Family is a big part of life for me. An outsider might not realize that when they hear about my family and how spread out we are. But when all the crap is pushed to the side – I love my family. I miss my family.

I love my home. It’s the family big summer cabin on the lake and it’s about as perfect as perfect can be during the 4th of July holiday. The house is generally ready to explode with up to 11-13 people and pets. My yard looks like a used Subaru dealership and I could not love it more. Grilling, swimming, fireworks and more laughter than you’d think possible.

Over the last few days I’ve been taking quite a few pictures down by the water. These are some of my favorites.

 photo Lake 1 WM_zpsfvhtp1ac.jpg

 photo Lake 7 WM_zpsor6qeiyp.jpg

 photo Lake 2 WM_zpsuzahbamz.jpg

 photo Lake 3 WM_zpsnnh2sc1c.jpg

 photo Lake 9 WM_zpspmm4hae8.jpg

 photo Lake 10 WM_zpsbkq2tabv.jpg

 photo Lake 11 WM_zpswdj3o8iq.jpg

Love my family.


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