Callie sitting

For the past several days our family has gotten to dog sit for a pretty spectacular dog named Callie. Callie is a corgi, blue heeler and boarder collie mix. Just a little too short and a little too long – and AWESOME!

 photo 2017-06-29_13-38-21_919_zps8dphdrij.jpeg

 photo 2017-06-22_22-55-21_272 2017-06-26T05_09_54.091_zpsvpv8vkcb.jpeg

 photo 2017-06-29_23-23-27_992_zpsb6bd42iy.jpeg

 photo 2017-06-23_16-25-37_316_zpswmihyatp.jpeg
 photo Callie 2_zps3c1aoymx.jpg

Callie is incredibly well behaved and seriously hilarious when it comes to chasing a frisbee or a giant ball. Best $1.99 we’ve ever spent.


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