I’m ready for June.

May has not been terribly kind to our family. Late evening of April 30th my daughter came running into the kitchen to tell me that her brother was hurt and couldn’t get up. Racing out to the yard I find him in a crumbled heap crying. Very very long story short he broke his leg badly. He’ll be fine, but he has a monster cast all the way up to his mid thigh.

 photo IMG_3895_zpsuidhnwrc.jpg

 photo IMG_3883_zpsln156sgj.jpg

 photo IMG_3888_zps4ziuaqfm.jpg

A few days later he turned nine. What a bummer way to spend your birthday. Especially when nearly ever single present you received requires being able to use both of your legs sans crutches.

There was a lot of rain, a week out of school while he was forced to wait for the swelling to go down enough to even cast his leg and when the time came for the cast it did not go well. His break is long and spiral in his tibia. Any movement was excruciating for him. As a result the couldn’t get his leg to step well without causing him extreme pain, which led to him having to be knocked out.  I can’t even express how hard that was as a parent.

 photo IMG_3965_zpsas2rzudt.jpg

Anesthesia for a child is terrifying. When he came out of it he was scared. He didn’t know where he was, he was in a ton of pain and it took a long time for him to settle down. Once he did we were able to come home where he spent the next 5-6 days in the recliner resting up.

 photo IMG_3969_zpsd0axuljl.jpg

 photo IMG_3925_zpsexkfdt0t.jpg

Our cat Fancy is such a little mama. She knew something was wrong and wanted to do nothing but snuggle up and mother him. However, he was terified to have her accidently touch his leg so he kept her at a distance. Fianlly she found her spot with him.

 photo IMG_3936_zpsvconthvr.jpg

Since the cast things have picked up pretty well. Having a child in a cast is a ton of work. I knew it would be hard, but it’s much harder than I thought it would be. He’s fallen a few times, but has gotten very well at picking himself back up. He’s doing very well with his crutches now too. We rode the lawn mower down the hill one afternoon to take in some sun, let Libby play in the water and just enjoy the beautiful day.

 photo IMG_4207_zpsi7efdp0f.jpg

 photo IMG_4224_zpspqw6xikb.jpg

 photo IMG_4241_zps1sqpjiph.jpg

That has been the bulk of my May. The rest has been tied up in our home. Moving from my master bedroom down into the spare room by the kids (so I could help E during the night), never ending yard work, and just the need to take a moment for myself. I’m ready for June. I’m ready for my son to get his smaller cast. I’m ready to see some family at a graduation, ready for school to be out so we can make our own weekly schedule. I’m just ready for May be to done.


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