That’s how many miles we drove in 10 days. Not terrible but certainly more than enough. As previously mention a thousand times we are a military family which means we move often. In less than 90 days my kids and I will be packed up, back in the car and moving to Arizona. Hopefully to our new home! (Come on seller you know you want to accept our offer)  Fancy thought she really should have been included on our trip.

 photo 5B903601-9E0D-44E2-BB67-27DFEA164C8D_zpspbg1kybu.jpg

To find our new home the kids and I trekked down to Arizona over their spring break. Friday after school we drove to Dillon Montana to have a night of fun with family. Bright and early Saturday morning we headed down the I15 and promptly found ourselves driving through some really crappy weather. Snow, slush, rain all with a healthy side of nasty wind we left Montana and made our way through Idaho.

 photo 55BC6647-555A-492C-A4C0-A3F414E9EE96_zpshcriokpp.jpg

The weather cleared up a little as we got into Utah but we fought the wind the whole two days. It was amazing for my mpg. Not.
 photo 1A41D03D-DFF3-4051-B968-65049C20782B_zpsuiodywuj.jpg

Day three was a really beautiful drive. I am kicking myself for not stopping to take photos but we were so done and just wanted to get to our hotel. i did manage to grab these through the car window near Page Az. 100% we will be gong back to explore the area once we are settled.

 photo AD631595-924D-493C-8160-1CFB3C47D703_zpsoucq9o13.jpg

 photo E6485B1B-85C4-480B-9DA4-6543315C3D02_zpsxgyfikif.jpg

After spending five days meeting with our financial advisor, realtor and seeing several homes we had to grudgingly climb back into the car and head back north. This time we headed through Vegas and I’ll freely admit I hate driving through Vegas. The stop and go in the heat makes me ranty. We finally were able to stop for the night in Mesquite, Nv. Day two started with a very pretty drive through what my parents always referred to as “the gorge”. Forgive the windshield bugs.

 photo 4BEAA043-8DD5-4E3D-A878-BD7A1706E895_zpsw5okmuwn.jpg

After what felt like forever we finally saw the montains of Montana. So glad to be home.

 photo BDC4FB8C-71BE-46BD-9FDF-FF1C7D546DE2_zpsakpvmehq.jpg

I did take other photos while we were in Arizona but I have yet to have the chance to pull them off of my camera. They shall come soon!


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