A Glimpse of Possibilities

As I keep treking down this photography road I feel like I have moments of genius while holding my camera. Then I get to the computer to see them bigger and realize my genius is not exactly as genius as I thought. However, I’m not down on myself because I do see improvement.

Yesterday afternoon the kids wanted to go explore so out into the melting mucky snow we went. It felt good. I took at least 35 shots and am happy with several. The ones I’m not happy with it’s not even that there’s anything wrong with them they just aren’t what I wanted in the moment.

Here are what I’m calling successes.

While their faces are making odd expressions I’m happy with the depth of field I was able to get here. There’s a slight touch of editing to blur it out further, but over all there’s not much editing here.
 photo Practice 30 WM_zpsu9od6lzq.jpg

Mostly the same here. Aside from his expression I think I did a good job making Ethan the focus of the photo while still providing an interesting background. It’s just not very photography. It’s a picture.

 photo Practice 31 Take 2 Wm_zpszmorievc.jpg

This one something feels off but I can’t put my finger on what. Is it just not sharp? Like he’s every so slightly blurred? Is it too harsh?

 photo Practice 32 Wm_zpsocs9hrac.jpg

I really like this one. It’s just so Libby. I like the fade of the background, the ripples in the water from the oar and her energy.

 photo Practice 33 Wm_zps3n2pmyli.jpg

These next two I love. If only she would have looked at me! They were playing on the opposite of the fence from me. In this first one I left the fence in. I go back and forth on if the fence is too harsh or a fun little added natural frame to the photo.

 photo Practice 34 Wm_zpscr8qj2vc.jpg

Without the fence.
 photo Practice 34 Take 2 WM_zpsgvhzvrcr.jpg

Black and White
 photo Practice 34 Take 2 BW WM_zps6tisnjzd.jpg

She looked up!  With the fence framing again.
 photo Practice 35 Wm_zps0d4zhrcr.jpg

This is also very Libby. She’s a giggling little girl who loves to explore and get dirty. Look at this now I think I was heavy handed with the editing. I love the concept of the photo, her energy but my eye keeps being down to her boots. I think I kept looking for ways to bring the eyes up and over edited.

 photo Practice 36 WM_zps7p6cxbc9.jpg

Better, yes?
 photo Practice 36 Take2 WM_zpswax4uvhw.jpg

Overall I do think I’m improving, which makes me happy.


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