“Mom, what’s that?”

If I had a nickel for every time my children asked me that question. I’ll admit that many many times my answer is, “I don’t know honey.” followed up with, “Lets find out.” The years we lived in Okinawa we explored a lot. I have so much love for that little island.

On one lovely spring day my son was watching out the window and his eye caught a small memorial area (they’re all of the place there). With no reason not to go take a look I got the car turned around and we found a large bell and the statue of a man.

I later learned that this place is Shinran Shonin, a peace statue at Maedabiru. It was the location where heavy artillery was set up to defend the bay during the Battle of Okinawa.

The statue is meant to remind us that we should all seek worldwide peace based on coexistence.

 photo Practice 27 WM_zps8glvtpmz.jpg

Every time the bell is rung it is meant to be a ring for peace.

 photo Practice 26 WM_zpsoa2qpmhk.jpg

It’s really beautiful. Incredibly peaceful and calming area to walk around.
 photo Practice 25 WM_zpssjatm677.jpg
The Road Taken


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