Trying to Thaw

Winter is still pretty well in swing here in western Montana, but we have had a few days where our part of the world has been trying to thaw. It’s been years since I’ve experience a legit winter and I’ve never experienced one in this part of Montana. What I’m learning is that when the thaw comes – it’s going to be a long process.

Three or four days of slightly elevated temperatures led to the majority of the snow on my roof trying to melt. The snow on my garage came crashing down in one massive pile! On the house itself the water shimmied down the metal pipes of my wind chime causing this to happen. When it initially froze it looks like it was one solid ice-cycle but a breeze must have come up causing the cycle to break into two pieces.

 photo Practice 20 WM_zpsygdxanbi.jpg

I really like how I was able to focus on the ice. The door and siding behind it blurred nicely.
 photo Practice 21 WM_zpswh4iuxck.jpg

I’d have liked to have gotten directly under the chime, but there’s a foot of snow piled there at the moment. Clearly I lack true dedication. 😉


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