Took a moment and wow!

Every morning I drive my kids to school. They could ride the bus but I figure what’s the point since I’m going to end up in town for errands or my daily swim at the pool anyway. Plus we are notoriously known for NOT being morning people.

Many mornings are simply beautiful and many mornings I never have my camera in the car. Today I did! After I dropped them off I stopped on the way back home and took these photos.

I may go back and try and edit the giant trash cans out. The sky really intrigues me. I also love the shine of the road, but again, giant trash cans. Blah.

 photo DSC06670_zpsjwo7erd1.jpg

The water and ice with snow topping it facinates me. I’ve been watching it all winter. I thought this was kind of neat with the contrast of the bright white snow/ice and the grumpy clouds looming in the background.

 photo Practice 22 WM_zpshbsfafjz.jpg

This one though. Holy mother of mountains. I am in love with this. Maybe more than I should be, but it’s like something is stsarting to click in me and I’m getting it. Look at this!

 photo Practice 23 WM_zps3xty7foo.jpg

I couldn’t decide which cop I like better. I think I like the 16:9 better even though it cuts out most of the snow/ice.

 photo Practice 23 Short WM_zpsvthadadn.jpg


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