Outdoor Fun

For most of my children’s lives they’ve lived in a fourth floor apartment with no yard or park nearby. It’s just how it was in Okinawa. We made up for it in other ways, hell day tripping! All that to say my kids are LOVING having a yard here in Montana. And not just a rinky dink yard, they’ve got almost an entire acre to explore.

The other evening the kids were enjoying the warm weather after school. With the weather becoming warmer the snow is compacting and setting up with some ice which allows the kids to walk on top of the snowpack. That blows their minds!

He’s getting so big and handsome. I miss my squishy baby. Lord help me the strange faces he makes though!
 photo Practice 12 WM_zpsqhrje7uk.jpg

She’s also growing too quickly and is so beautiful.

 photo Practice 11 WM_zps0prtxosx.jpg

They bicker like crazy but deep down they really are each others best friends. He falls and she runs to his side, he makes her laugh and likes to read to her.

 photo Practice 13 WM_zpsbgbnoxbb.jpg

Kills me that the wind chime butterfly is right on top of him!
 photo Practice 13 BW WM_zpsazi3ywih.jpg

I still feel as though my focus is ever so slightly off. How do I get their faces crisp? The focus seems to be off to the side or in the background ever so slightly.


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