In December we decided to adopt another kitten. Lord knows what I was thinking but it happened. It took a few weeks for Luna to really come around and love us as her family. Now however she’s vibrant. That’s truly the first word that came to my mind. She plays hard, sleeps hard and misses us fiercely if we take too long to come home from school or errands. Very frisky this one.

As I posted earlier, it’s time I learn how to shoot in manual mode. I’ve been picking Scene for the last couple of years thinking it was good enough, but deep down I know it’s not if I’m going to make a go at this. I want to be better. I want more. As Luna was grabbing a rest earlier today I decided it’s time to play around with aperture. Aperture is hard. I have the damnedest time figuring out how to focus. Am I too far away, too close, is my hair on fire…. However, I am pleased with these.

 photo Practice 2 WM_zpsbogpz0oo.jpg

This feels a bit hot to me. Overexposed? I love her fur though.

 photo Practice 3 WM_zpsi7be6kst.jpg

I really like this one. The foot forward but the focus on that gorgeous orange eye. Draws me in. The chair in the background is blurred slightly. I think I got this one right.

 photo Practice 1 WM_zpsntjq9gs1.jpg

I really like this one as a whole. But something feels off about it on the left side for me. Perhaps I’m being too picky? I’m not sure what, but overall I think this is probably the best shot I got of her today.


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