It’s Time

Time for what? Time for me to get back to learning. I need to let go of the doubt that’s overtaken me this past year and get back to my camera. I want to be a photographer. Flat out. But I have doubts. Doubts of my abilities. Doubts about my social skills. It’s scary to put yourself out there and say “Alright world. I’m ready. Hire me!” and then actually deliver.

I need to learn how to shoot better in manual settings. I’ve been relying heavily on the Scene option of my camera. It’s time. Time to branch out and really figure this out. I can’t in good concience put myself out there, have people put their trust in my abilities and give them a half-assed overly edited product in return.

Before going full on M mode, I’m starting with A for aperture. I want to know aperture inside and out. As I started I’m noticing the hardest part for me is getting focused. Am I took close? Too far away? Lighting totally screwing things up?

I went out walking and took these. As you can see my sons face is not in focus. I think the rest is fine, but who wants an out of focus face?

 photo DSC06540_zpsj8flqaor.jpg

 photo DSC06538_zpsnn86lfrl.jpg

There is something about this one I really like but again he’s out of focus.
 photo DSC06552_zpsna7ns4hx.jpg

Then I got this shot. It was the first shot to give me some hope that I can get a handle on this.

 photo Practice 6 WM_zpsl7crqhar.jpg

I know I needed a different lens, but I was there, the mountains were gorgeous so I took some shots.
 photo Practice 5 WM_zpsheivenr4.jpg
 photo Practice 4 WM_zpsv1av8vt0.jpg

Now, I fully expect anyone reading to give a laugh at this next photo – hell I did, but it is hands down the best shot I got all day. I saw standing across the room, told myself to pick an object so I picked these cleaners in my kitchen window.

1. I need to clean my window.
2. Everything came together for this shot. I even have window reflection.
 photo Practice 7 WM_zps6owm2zuc.jpg

And in black and white because why not. I particularly like the way the wood cleaner looks in this. The oil is so smooth.
 photo Practice 7 BW WM_zpsilvyqs4z.jpg

So there it is. Day 1 of playing around with my camera out of the comfort zone. I’d like to think I can do this and be successful. I’m not looking for national geographic status or anything, but I’d like to catch moments in people lives and provide them with memories for themselves and generations to come.


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