Stick it!

“Mom, can I go to gymnastics?”

Wait, what? As we were preparing for bed one nights my daughter was very quiet. She had been very thoughtful for most of the afternoon. Wondering what was up I asked her what she had on her mind and her answer could not have been more out of left field. We don’t know anyone in gymnastics, have never even done so much as a cart-wheel or head stand in the house but there it was. I told her I’d see if there were any classes in town, but told her not to get her hopes up too terribly high as the town isn’t all that big. Imagine my surprise when google pulls up Head Over Heels. Once I checked over the site and saw there was only one slot left I jumped all over it.

Once a week Libby attends class with a few other little girls – a couple she knows from school and yet another is the little girl of my sons teacher! I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a 5 year old “stick it” but it’s quite possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. I told the world via Instagram:

 photo C8E2FDA2-5A01-4352-A6E2-F738541F2F89_zpsqnyf1cm0.png

They haven’t branched out too wild yet. They’re working on getting used to the different apparatuses, rolls, sit drops on the big trampoline and end with some fun time in the foam blocks area. This last week they walked on the balance beam for the first time. Libby’s first run was very cautious, her second run was still slow but had more confidence. She seems to be a quick learner.

 photo Gymnastics WM_zpsxuuduwta.jpg

One of these weeks I will remember to take my big camera and attempt to get some good shots of her progress.


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