Graceful: Weekly Photo Challenge

I like this topic and the first thing that came to mind was a photo I took earlier this week. So forgive me, but I’m cheating a little for this post by using a photo I posted recently. Really recently, ha!

 photo January 17 2 WM_zpsolxxn3pz.jpg

I love this tree. It fascinates me. They way it bends seems impossible in many way. All the other trees stand straight up, but this one bends like a dancer arches their back. For a dancer they require a strong core and a strong foundation. This tree does the same. I can only imagine the root structure beneath the earth that provides the needed support. The trunk itself has to be incredibly strong to not snap in half. Then there’s the top. The icing. The glitter on the dancer that catches the eye. It’s beautiful how the snow and frost sit on the branches.

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