Downright Tropical at 21*

Montana is cold. If you could see my electric bill it might make you cry. I know it makes me want to cry, but then I remember heat is necessary and I like my toes. I’ve been excited about winter and I’ve been enjoying it. Yesterday we had a balmy 21* with no wind so I decided to take a walk around the area.

Frost is beautiful. Snow is beautiful. Evergreen trees are beautiful. Add them all together and it’ll make for some gorgeous photos. I could see everything in my eye, exactly what I wanted – but I couldn’t make it happen with my camera. Frustrating. I did get a few shots I like, but I didn’t capture the trees like I wanted. It’s entirely possible I just don’t have the right camera and lens for what I wanted though. I’ll at least give myself that.

This is my favorite shot of the day. This tree is across the road from my house and it fascinates me.

 photo January 17 2 WM_zpsolxxn3pz.jpg

Walking back home I noticed a sign. Back in ye olden days before gps my dad would hang signs (just as all our neighbors did) so visitors would know what fork to take in the road. No matter how many signs my dad hung by the road they always fell down or disappeared. Maybe it was kids out for a night of sign stealing fun, or the deer rubbing on them knocking them down – they never stayed in place. Except for this one. This loan sign nailed to the tree has stood the test of time, well 30 years anyway.

 photo January 17 3 WM_zpsk2jad4sp.jpg

Once I made it back to my yard I stood looking at one of the trees I decorated for Christmas. The snow is so deep that I can’t get to the tree to take them down! I’m kinda glad though because I got this shot.

 photo January 17 5 WM_zpshqls36vq.jpg

I also like it in black and white.
 photo January 17 5 BW WM_zps8lxocljs.jpg

I don’t love this one, but there are parts of it I like. The red is just so blaring.
 photo January 17 WM_zpsyucrvh78.jpg

I really like this garden windmill shot as well. My dad put this windmill together out by the road because he liked to look out the window and see what the wind was doing.

 photo January 17 4 WM_zps4t5qqblt.jpg

This is a windchime covered in some frost. Not sure why I decided to take the shot, but I do like it.

 photo January 17 6 WM_zpsdnsfcwfb.jpg

As I first mentioned, Montana is cold. Even though 21* was feeling downright tropical I still wasn’t able to stay out taking photos for very long. My finger trips hurt badly after about 10 minutes. I guess I need to do a little research into how photographers shoot in extreme climates. I’m glad I went out though. I need to do it more often and get my groove back.

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