Names: Weekly Photo Challenge

I name everything. Pretty sure it’s genetic as my brothers do it as well. We name our cars, tractors, appliances etc but I seem to be inflicted with the habit the most. In my lifetime I’ve named my vacuums (Buella, Berta and Wally), mops (Francette and Eva), cars (En Fuego, CVarn) – I love to name things. But my most treasured named item wasn’t named by me. Let me introduce you to Space Waster 3000.

 photo Space Waster_zpshxhfjhy2.jpg

Space Waster earned her name back in 2006. My husband had joined the Air Force and received orders to England. SW was paid off and barely had 40,000 miles so we decided that we’d store her in the garage at the lake for the three years we were overseas. My oldest brother dubbed her Space Waster during that time – all out of love of course. She eventually was moved over to the family farm so my brother could keep a better eye on her, perform any needed maintenance etc. She lived in my brothers quancet (taking up farm equipment space) and thus her upgraded name of Space Waster 3000 was born.

Eighteen months ago my brother passed away. He never got to see the day Space Waster grew up and came home to her mama (me). She still runs great, has around 55,000 miles and is loving her new snow shoes. I’m considering personalizing her plates in honor of my brother. So if you’re out there and see Space Waster made into a license plate give me a honk.



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