Road Trippin’

Spur of the moment road trips are some of our best. Two days after Christmas and all of our company had gone home I sat in my chair thinking “self, you should pack up and head over to the farm.” A quick call to my sister-in-law and out the door we went 90 minutes later.

Roads were less than stellar. To get from the lake house to the farm one must travel along US 2 over Marias Pass. It’s a beautiful drive. Parts are windy and steep while others are flat and surrounded by tall trees. But snow and ice covered roads in my rear wheel drive rollarskate of an XTerra (lovingly called Space Waster) was not my smartest idea. Even in her new snow shoes the XTerra was slipping a bit.

Thankfully we arrived safely and had a lovely visit. Coming back the roads were quite a bit better and I noticed a really cool area between Hungry Horse and Columbia Falls Montana. I’m sure this is the work of some kids with Kool-Aid packets, but none-the-less it’s fun.

 photo Koolaid Falls WM_zps8qih3tdh.jpg

These were the improved roads. Montana is just beautiful.
 photo 15780717_10208547583188870_2682981656354040818_n_zpshwofzcwr.jpg


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