Let it Snow!

Snow! Legit snow to play in!

I haven’t experience a legit winter in over 10 years. Probably closer to 15. I must say I am LOVING it here in Montana. My children (aka my tropical babies) are also loving it as they have never experienced snow.

Ethan is in complete awe.

 photo Winter Wonderland 6 WM_zpsblyebdt4.jpg

I love this one so much.

 photo Winter Wonderland 2 WM_zpsrgbanscj.jpg

Libby is also loving the snow. She decided she wanted to snow board like her cousin. Off to the garage she went, found a flat board and she was ready to go. There was much confusion as to why it wasn’t working.

 photo Winter Wonderland 4 WM_zpsqhsdrnyj.jpg

 photo Winter Wonderland 3 WM_zpsj8j1n7zn.jpg

The lake now has a layer of ice on stop. I’m not sure exactly how far out it extends but I’d say at least 3/4 of our bay. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a smidge worried about the dock. I’d hate for it to get snapped into kindling because the water wasn’t let out soon enough.

 photo 15675821_10208446021369888_8978494003039899538_o_zpsonfrmt0z.jpg

 photo 15419817_10208402526042532_940064026825868251_o_zpsp1ixrnk9.jpg

This view will never get old. It’s stunning year round.


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