Christmas Cards!

Christmas cards are a dying tradition. For years Christmas cards were something planned and all of the friends and neighbors looked forward to getting that glittery sleigh in the snow on the front of the card in the mail. It was tradition. Then things like ecards came along, the price of stamps went up, we as a people became incredibly busy and the tradition began to die. It has surged back slightly with the invention of the holiday photo card, but it’s still not as it once was.

All that to say, I love me some Christmas cards! I even hopped on the Pintrest craze and made my own card wreath (for the very few cards I get in return).

 photo 4F7828F2-5A3A-428C-A321-59E32DAB19C1_zpsndesfuco.jpg

My children’s Christmas photos are what initially spurred me on this photography journey. When we lived in England and Ethan was a baby it was easy to walk into the BX and have the shop take his photos – which are some of my favorite EVER. Then we moved to Okinawa and I was blown away by the base prices there and instead of looking for a fellow amature photog I decided to just take them myself.

So here we are. I’ll freely admit it’s a lot easier to take fantastic photos of kids when you’re on the beach. Great back ground + great weather + something fun and exciting for the kids to do = easier time all around. This year I kept waiting for a nice sunshiney morning/evening. And they just did not come. I picked a Saturday morning and off we went – into the fog.

I don’t love these pictures. They’re ok, but they’re not sharp or lit well at all. My hand was pretty heavy during the editing process as well. Maybe I’m being overly picky but they just are not what I was hoping for. With these photos I’ve begun to doubt myself and my skills – the natural eye I’ve been told I have.

I always try to get photos of the kids together. Makes for an easier card!
 photo Christmas Kids WM_zpsiwlghmz4.jpg

 photo Christmas Kids 2 WM_zpsho5spaqq.jpg

I will admit I love this photo of Ethan. I may blow it up and hang in on the wall.

 photo Christmas Ethan WM_zpsgqatmfat.jpg

And in Black & White
 photo Christmas Ethan BampW WM_zpsacerewq5.jpg

And this Cupcake, sweet lord do I love dressing her up.
 photo Christmas Libby WM_zpsif9ckkoq.jpg

 photo Christmas Libby 3 WM_zpsaf1qad65.jpg

This is my artsy favorite. I don’t knwo why I love it so much, but it reminds me of a young Snow White. Like I said, don’t know why, but it’s what jumps in my head when I look at it.

 photo Christmas Libby 2 WM_zps36u1c4cf.jpg

Overeall I am not crazy about these. I wouldn’t put most of them in my portfoliio (if I ever make one) but they got the job done for this year.


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