Clark Grizwald is my spirit animal.

I love Christmas. Not quite at the insane level of Clark himself, but I’m all about pretty lights and that holiday spirit buzz. It’s truly a magical time of year for me.

With my husband being gone in Korea this year I really wanted to make this Christmas special for my kids. Add in finally having a house and yard to decorate instead of my old tiny 4th floor balcony and I went a little nuts. I don’t even have a photo with all the lights. How that happened I’ll never know, but it’s true. Several trees along with the garage and deck lights never got photographed. Ah well.

We have an 80 foot long fence. That’s a lot a lot of lights. But it turned out nicely.

 photo Christmas Lights 4_zpsgjvysrj0.jpg

The outside of the house took on a nice warm homey glow as well (especially once the garage lights were up!).

 photo Christmas Lights 3_zpspe8wjs9l.jpg

I also took a stab at decorating the giant blue spruce in the corner of the yard. It’s a much larger tree than I realized. This is over 60 feet of lights and I’m still not at the top! They were nicely arranged, but the wind made quick work of messing those up. Meh. I have an outdoor christmas tree!

 photo Christmas Lights 2_zpsdorpt95q.jpg

Inside we put our new tree the day after Thanksgiving per our usual tradition. I love this tree.

 photo 7565A1E8-F9A3-41E3-9E46-17781C6E4D8E_zpsolhnsezb.jpg

and of course, my artsy fartsy. I loathe these stairs. They’re very pretty but not practical in any way. I fall down them on the regular. I’m not all that clutzy, until I encounter these stairs. All that said, they’re awesome for this tree. It made it so easy to decorate the top. They looked great together too!
 photo 9890B9B1-FC2A-4A4C-890E-DC8343FC9074_zpswstiariq.jpg


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