Quest: Weekly Photo Challenge

Eeek I’m a week late! Shame! Anyway our life right now is a quest in it’s own way, but instead of focusing on that I’m going to share (again) a quest that my daughter and I went on a few nights back.

Libby is five and she is an animal lover. Being home in Montana has been such a wonderful experience for her. We have deer that roam through the yard several times a day. One evening she wanted to follow them to see where they go each night. I was stunned at how close they let her get – the mama in me was two of her small steps away from telling her to stop in case the deer thought she was a legit threat but that’s a whole other thing.

This was absolutely magical for her.

 photo Sep 17 1 WM_zps5wrvybxh.jpg

And me, who am I kidding. It’s Bambi’s mom!

Can’t forget Bambi himself either.

 photo Bambi WM_zpsxqx9iq3w.jpg
This is one of my favorite photos that I’ve ever taken.



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