Cue the Disney music!

Eighteen days ago the kids and I were on a tropical island in sweltering heat and humidity being beach bums. Now we are freezing our booties off in Montana. However, Montana is not without its perks. Nature. Nature is everywhere and incredibly friendly. What do I mean by that? Deer. Lots and lots of deer – and one skunk but we’re keeping our distance there.

Over the past several days we have seen several mama does and their spotted fawns. One has a set of twins which are adorable, and the rest seem to be singlets. We even have a young buck wandering around. My children are fascinated (who am I kidding, so am I!) each morning and evening when they come wandering through the yard.

Last night changed a few things though. Mama and Bambi wandered right up to our front window! I felt like I was being watched as I was surfing my Facebook page and sure enough I look out the window and Mama is staring at me. I can’t explain my son’s face, lol.

 photo 03CCF86D-D960-41C7-A38C-622E2FF4469D_zps2fxonnk2.jpg

After the kids came running in like a herd of elephants she moved towards my neighbors yard and along came Bambi scampering behind, spots and all.

 photo 2E2C81ED-F603-44B8-855C-1188908C4B7E_zpsl3vrsiob.jpg

 photo Bambi WM_zpsxqx9iq3w.jpg

That leads up to this evening. Libby wanted to go outside and wander around the neighborhood. She can be in our yard alone, but I don’t trust her to wander on her own. There are bears around after all!  So coats, hats, camera in hand and off we went. She wanted to pet one of the deer so badly but no way that’s going to happen. That said I was SHOCKED they let her get THIS close! My babette is a Bambi Whisperer!

 photo Sep 17 1 WM_zps5wrvybxh.jpg

We also saw a young buck. He was very curious about us as well. Look at those ears! Just want to give them a good scratch.

 photo Sep 17 3_zpsj6grn7gj.jpg

All that’s missing are some song birds singing a happy song. There’s something special about Montana. It’s like no other place on this planet and I’m so thankful we are able to spend our lives here. Truly excellent evening.


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