9-11 We Will Never Forget

 photo 9-11 Flag WM_zps52nzygoz.jpg

Where were you? I have to wonder if that’s the number one question asked every single September 11th. I truly do believe we will never forget. I know I never will. So where was I?

I was a newly engaged young girl of 20, had just moved to Phoenix with my fiance and was one week into my first ever legit job. I remember getting ready for work in my apartment having my tiny TV/VCR combo playing some random show and my phone ringing – it was my boss. She told me to stay put and she’d call if she wanted me to come in. I asked what was wrong and she choked out “Sunni, turn on the news. Stay put until I call.” I remember slowing sitting down on the edge of my bed half-dressed and not moving for what felt like hours. That feeling watching the towers fall is one I will never forget.

The days that passed are also days I’ll never forget. The country grieving together, coming together, watching the brave policemen, firefighters and K9s doing their jobs. It was numbing, painful, frightening, and at times beautiful. By that I mean it was beautiful to see people come together by the thousands to remember, mourn, love and help their fellow man.

So today it’s 15 years later. Also unbelievable. Time seems to have sped up with each birthday I mark. Today I find myself on a much different life path than I did that day. Instead of working as an executive assistant, or at the bank I find myself being a stay at home wife to my husband who serves in the Air Force and a mother of two crazy kids. Being a military spouse is a good fit for me and seeing my husband serve his country is an honor. He loves his job, his country and people in general. I’m incredibly proud of him.

I’ve always been pretty patriotic. I don’t ever remember being told specifically to have faith and love in and for my country but I always have. Certain patriotic songs will make me well up, which is not a common occurance for me. Seeing and hearing my husband and his flight at basic training sing the Air Force song had me bawling like baby! All of that to say, I really love the American Flag. The vibrant colors, the design, the way it flies in the breeze.

 photo 9-11 Flag 5 WM_zpsoasqsokj.jpg

 photo 9-11 Flag 4 WM_zpsy9k1uqom.jpg

So today on the 15th anniversary of one of the worst times in our history I fly our flag proudly and remember those who lost their lives on this day.

 photo 9-11 Flag 3 WM_zpsvr8iyqxx.jpg

To those we lost:

Rest in peace. We remember. We will never forget.


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