Edge: Weekly Photo Challenge

Edge. That one word accurately describes my life right now. My family has been split up due to my husband receiving unaccompanied orders to Korea. Which sucks. Hard. I’d have loved to have gone to Korea with him and would have loved to have stayed overseas for a few more years. Instead the kids and I were packed up and sent back to the States. The move has been mostly smooth and we’re all adjusting to our new normal, but I’d be lying if I haven’t been on the edge of patience, the edge of sanity, and many time the edge of tears.

For my photo this week I’ve chosen the stunning cliffs of Cape Zanpa in Okinawa (yes eventually I’ll post photos from somewhere other than Okinawa, promise). This particular shot was taken a day or two after a typhoon rolled through a couple of years ago.

 photo Edge 3 WM_zpsehblgdcb.jpg

For the next 14 months I’ll hold myself, my kids and my husband together. It’s what I do; my job and purpose in this life. I’ll bravely stand on the edge, face the wind and waves while the fury and beauty of the storm wash over me – I will become the lighthouse while standing at the edge.



8 thoughts on “Edge: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. What a photo! I love it!
    We are a military family too, I’m the soldier. The country rides on the backs of its military families. Stay strong, take care of yourself. Fran Wiedenhoeft


  2. Wonderful photo. I’m happy that I’ve found your blog. Best wishes for the coming life changes, for your move back to the USA. I look forward to seeing more of your photos and reading your posts.


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