Okuma: Scenery

God was having a good day when He created Okinawa. Okinawa is stunning. The colors of the water are vibrant and nearly everything about this island feels peaceful and calm. There’s a reason so many people on this island live to be 100+ and I don’t think it’s the heavy rice and seafood diets. I personally think it’s the lack of stress. Life is a slower pace here, worries are less, crime is less, meandering is more – it’s all a flow. I often refer to it as island sway.

As I previously posted, our family spent three days at Okuma up toward the northern end of the island. I took these photos during our trip and I wish I could go back and take more!

This was directly behind our hotel room. I really like it, particularly the reflection in the water. Darn that lens flare!
 photo Okuma 1 WM_zps1w8x5vfe.jpg

From a “look out” area.
 photo Okuma 2 WM_zpsw3zhtf1w.jpg

 photo Okuma 3 Wm_zpsfiqctljp.jpg

 photo Okuma 4 WM_zps0n8ixlxq.jpg

 photo Okuma 6 WM_zpsps6uhiqz.jpg

My attempt at a twilight/night photo. I wanted to catch the reflection in the pond again. Not quite how I envisioned it, but it’s vastly better than I used to come out with.
 photo Okuma 14 WM_zpsjhfxajdt.jpg

I took these while strolling down the beach the opposite direction I had gone the previous day. Lets all let out a collective sigh of relaxation. It’s almost impossible to be tense on this beach.

 photo Okuma 16 WM_zpsduheryyk.jpg

 photo Okuma 20 WM_zpsoocjguw5.jpg

This picture is the biggest gem of them all. I’m proud of this photo.  I did everything right with this photo. The base has a bunch of watercraft like boats and jet skis and each morning and evening the bring out a medium sized CAT tractor to pull the jet skis in and out of the water. They leave behind tracks in the sand. I love this so much.

 photo Okuma 19 WM_zpsvalx5i1r.jpg


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