Okuma: Family Time, Day 3

Our final day we spent all of our time at the beach. Adam took the kids for a kayak ride, they rode boogie boards, saw a teen get stung by box jellyfish (yikes!) – quite an eventful day!

 photo Okuma 13 WM_zps1pe5pp8k.jpg

 photo Okuma 12 Wm_zpsqmptu0kf.jpg

 photo Okuma 21 WM_zpsfemsarpl.jpg

 photo Okuma 22 WM_zpsicz8qzud.jpg

 photo Okuma 23 WM_zps6d4kg6bm.jpg

We ended our beach time with a walk down the shoreline together.
 photo Okuma 32 WM_zpsj9tdbvwf.jpg

 photo Okuma 33 WM_zpsyrrqhifk.jpg

 photo Okuma 18 WM_zpsxbegy67p.jpg

All-in-all it was a wonderful time. I won’t lie, as we drove out the gates and headed for home I felt several moments of incredible sadness. This year will so trying for our family and the days are rapidly ticking off of our family time togetherness clock.

I’m also going to miss this island. Okinawa has been home for six years and they have been really good years. I’ve watched my son grow from a toddler to a boy, start school and learn so many new things. I felt my daughter grow within me, be born and grow into a beautiful little girl eager to start school. I’ve been a part of our marriage really gelling together as we settle into the early middle years of our marriage – we both changed a lot but the changes fit together like puzzle pieces. We also added a furry family member in Fanciful. Okinawa has given so much to my family and I know a part of me will always feel it is home.


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