Okuma: Family Time, Day 2

Day One was a fantastic day. Day two didn’t disappoint either. We decided to rent a golf cart and buzz around the base checking out areas we had never explored before. It was just too hot to walk and the golf cart was fun. Not going to lie I cackled slightly as we pulled up to play mini-golf in a full size golf cart.
 photo Okuma 29 WM_zpsmriw8v0j.jpg

It was the kids first times mini-golfing. My little lefties.
 photo Okuma 25 WM_zpsn6v0eqwp.jpg

 photo Okuma 28 WM_zpsw8y4ewsn.jpg

 photo Okuma 31 WM_zpspzuwmjqe.jpg

After lunch and a quick nap we also puttered on over to an outlook hill area to see the gorgeous view. It was stunning. The pictures just don’t do it justice. More photos from the view to come here.
 photo Okuma 27 WM_zpsluazjnji.jpg

 photo Okuma 5 WM_zpsrfuejjrq.jpg

 photo Okuma 4 WM_zps0n8ixlxq.jpg

That night we got a surprise small fireworks show. Yup, on a Thursday. Okinawans love any reason to light off fireworks.
 photo Okuma 15 WM_zps3xkcentr.jpg

Join me for the recap of our final day in Okuma.


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