Okuma: Family Time, Day 1

Family time is so important right now. Why? Well, because we are gearing up for a 14 month separation. As a military family separation is no stranger to us, but it has been a while, a very long while, since we’ve had a long one. Six years to be exact. Our son was only one year old and we didn’t even have our daughter last time we did this. It’s going to be hard for all of us, but I’m particularly nervous about the kids this time around. Though I think Fancy will be the most distraught of us all.

The Air Force seems to love to send my husband to Korea. First time he went was in 2010, then we all came to Okinawa and now he’s going to bookend our time in Okinawa by going back to Korea. Wouldn’t be so bad if we were allowed to stay put for that time, but as things always go with the military, that just can’t happen. The kids and I will head back to Montana and spend the school year there and move to our next base, Davis-Monthan in Tucson Arizona, in July of 2017.

So, family time, muy importante right now. Initially we were all set to spend four beautiful birthday days on a neighboring island of Yoron. Again the military stepped in and said, sorry kids, can’t happen and we had to cancel. Instead we delayed the trip a few days and headed to the north end of the island to the military resort area called Okuma. It’s a very easy corner of the world to spend a few days.

We spend the majority of our trip on the beach and in the water. We are very much a beach people.

 photo Okuma 7 WM_zpswbxnublb.jpg

Love this guy. I’m really going to miss him.
 photo Okuma 9 WM_zpskyljaoua.jpg

 photo Okuma 10 WM_zpsvfszbcyi.jpg

 photo Okuma 11 WM_zpsxgbg0znz.jpg

The sun and the humid heat was brutal. We were diligent about sunscreen and still got pretty toasty. We were exhausted by the end of each day.
 photo Okuma 8 WM_zpsql2bxabg.jpg

Leaving the beach there was a shower/rinsing area, which quite honestly was about a fun for the kids the ocean itself. Pull the chord and water just dumps from straight above. Mercy they thought this was fun.

 photo Okuma 24 WM_zpsos5jl6ec.jpg

 photo Okuma 26 WM_zpscnfnxl1i.jpg

After we were all cleaned up and showered I just didn’t have it in me to cook dinner. Thankfully the base has a nice restaurant we were able to walk over to. We took in a beautiful sunset and crashed out hard.

 photo Okuma 30 WM_zpsrafqfwps.jpg

Join me for my recap of Day Two.


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