Cherry On Top: Weekly Photo Challenge

If nothing else this challenge made me think. Those who know me know I like a good vacation, but I like to vacation without going nuts. A “If it’s not needed why spend more than we have to?” type of vacationer. For example, we love Disneyland, but we’ve never stayed in the Disneyland Resorts because I just can’t justify spending $350+ a night on a hotel room when I can stay across the street at a perfectly good hotel for $120. Anyway, this past week my family took a much needed family vacation. Why is it needed? Well, we’re about to be separated for 14 months. Thank you Air Force.

For our vacation we headed to north Okinawa to the base resort area of  Okuma. Instead of our usual $10 camping we splurged for an actual hotel room – it’s too damn hot to be camping with no air conditioning in July. We spent three glorious days in the sun and water and it was pretty perfect. So when I saw this weeks theme I sat back looking through my photos thinking about what really was that extra small thing that made the trip just a bit better and when I saw it I knew. My husband rented a beach umbrella. Completely dumb, but it really was the cherry. It’s something I’d have never done for myself but it was so thoughtful of him and it was nice to sit under. We have our pop up tent that rocks, but the umbrella was so nice.

 photo Okuma 13 WM_zps1pe5pp8k.jpg

Cherry On Top


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