Fukushen Garden, Naha

I’m a sucker for a good garden, especially one with beautiful architecture and water features. Fukushen has it all! It’s on our list of places we need to visit again before we move. Clock is running down so I need to get that on the calendar pronto.

The other reason we need to return is so I can take some better photos. I dug through all of our old ones and these were the only ones I was particularly happy with. There is so much more to the garden and I want to share.

 photo Fukushen 6.1 WM_zpsmlekhedh.jpg

I really loved these pillars.
 photo Fukushen 1.1 WM_zpsudlns7kg.jpg

I think this is my favorite.
 photo Fukushen 5.1 WM_zpsv7m9bfkp.jpg

Though I really like this as well. Both in color and in black and white.
 photo Fukushen 7.1 WM_zpsppsqcl88.jpg

 photo Fukushen 7.1 BW WM_zps00d4vx5t.jpg

I really liked this phoenix statue as well.
 photo Fukushen 4.1 WM_zpsanqbp7m6.jpg


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