35 & 5

Today is a big day for my daughter and me. Today is our birthdays! Five years ago I was anxiously awaiting the birth of our daughter. I was at the hospital for my weekly appointment and while there she decided it was time. Forty-five minutes of the worst pain I’ve ever experience in my life she arrived. My husband walked in the door with our three year old son just as she let out her first cry. It was crazy fast!

I love that we’ll always share a birthday. I could not adore her more than I do. She’s bright, fun, healthy, challenging, silly, fierce and oh my god so lovable. She loves squeezey hugs and giving kisses. Her laugh is loud, full of joy and true. She is fearless.

We had a very low-key and calm day. My husband had to work so we just hung out at home until he was able to join us. Since we are moving in a few months we handled the kids birthday a bit differently this year. This year we gave the gift of luggage. Yup, we’re those parents. But look! Star Wars luggage! At least it’s fun and not your typical Samsonite (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

 photo Libby Birthday1WM_zpsawmpoyfm.jpg

 photo Libby Birthday 3 WM_zpscg7pbs5h.jpg

 photo Libby Birthday 4 WM_zps4odllq9w.jpg

She loves pretty dresses. She’s so rough and tumble, but when she’s doing it she’s in a pretty dress. My brother’s wife has given her some beautiful dresses over the years and this is no exception.
 photo Libby Birthday 5 WM_zps5fmaqsij.jpg

 photo Libby Birthday 6 WM_zpsekvq3dmb.jpg

And what’s a birthday without cake? I frustrate my husband. Every year he asks me what I want for my birthday and my answer is always the same: Cake. So luckily for me, having Libby on my birthday I’ve ensured I’ll always have cake, ha!

And hot damn my table is shiny!
 photo Libby Birthday 9 WM_zpssyirp4o1.jpg

 photo Libby Birthday 8 WM_zpsxfxshzva.jpg

I’m completely biased but I think she’s so beautiful.
 photo Libby Birthday 10 WM_zpseq3lsjuq.jpg

 photo Libby Birthday 12 WM_zps3sdsp4em.jpg

 photo Libby Birthday 11 WM_zpsoupuhv8e.jpg
To my Cupcake: I love you more than you can ever imagine. More than I can even imagine. I thank God for you every day – even the days you push me to my limits. You’re beautiful inside and out and I know you’re going to make your mark on this world. I am proud and blessed to be your mom.

 photo 35th Birthday WM_zpsglptdyy8.jpg


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