Details: Weekly Photo Challenge

This weeks challenge grates at me a little bit. Not because I don’t like the subject or theme, but because I love the theme and wish I were better at it! I love getting up close and taking sharp detailed photos, but I just don’t have the camera to do exactly what I want – though I am very intrigued by the clip on lens the WPC mentioned for their phone.

I would love to be able to take photos of flowers where I’m able to pick up the tiny details that really make the flower. Flower may be beautiful from a distance but many times it’s all the small details coming together that give the overall flower its beauty. Hibiscus are a favorite of mine. I have dozen of photos in all different shades of colors. I like what I have but I know they could be better. I picked this flower for the challenge because it’s the one that caught my eye first. I’m attempting to get back to that “go with your gut” feeling as I’ve been far to up in my head recently. I like this, but I also know it could be a lot better.

 photo Details WM_zpskdbniph8.jpg



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