Around the Neighborhood

Just down the street from our apartment is a lovely walking area. A small canal runs along the walkway that eventually feeds into the ocean. Kayakers love the calm waters. Once upon a time when I pretended I was going to be a runner I would run along this path. It’s a very calming area.

 photo Bike Path WM_zpshctzvvqo.jpg

 photo Red Bridge 3 WM_zpsxsnss5oc.jpg

 photo Bike Path 2 WM_zpsdmh7wrr0.jpg

These aren’t my favorite photos that I’ve ever taken, but they’re ok. I’m entirely too far into my own head every time I pick up my camera right now. I do like this in black and white as well.

 photo Bike Path 2 BW WM_zpssbucgppp.jpg

Running over the small canal is a bridge. A red bridge. This bridge is often referened when giving directions to our part of town. “Oh you’re across the Red Bridge, got it. See you in five minutes.”

 photo Red Bridge 2 WM_zpsupgjwlqy.jpg

On the ends of this bridge you’ll find these globes. I have no idea why they are there, but I kinda love them. This is by far the best photo I got that day.

 photo Red Bridge WM_zpshedyhzhm.jpg

































































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