Throw Back: Toguchi Beach

For six years we have lived just down the street from Toguchi Beach. I’ll be honest, it’s not my favorite as far as swimming or day to day play for the kids. It does however make for a great place to take pictures. I think I’ve taken every single Christmas card photo somewhere at Toguchi.

These photos are from 2010, late fall if I remember correctly. My husband was likely working swing shift, it was a nice evening so why not pack up and head to the beach to enjoy the sunset!

 photo Toguchi 2 WM_zpsoouxicla.jpg

 photo Toguchi 3 WM_zpsxydkrlev.jpg

I really like this one in both color and black and white. The glow of the sun is just wonderful.


 photo Toguchi 3 BW WM_zpsukhfl1ki.jpg

Such a happy boy. I wish I kept the horizon level, but I still like it.

 photo Toguchi WM_zpsvgpcbev3.jpg


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