Happy 4th of July!

July 4th is my second favorite holiday, after Christmas of course, as it holds such great memories for me. Growing up I remember it as our family coming together with friends and cousins for a week of playing in Flathead Lake and shooting fireworks off the dock. After dad passed away in 2003 we tried to keep the tradition and his spirit alive. For the most part we did until 2012 with a few years skipped here and there.

This year we have had to remain in Okinawa as we are gearing up for our PCS to Tucson, AZ. One would think that the base would have an awesome event planned for the troops and their families, and they did!

 photo Freddie Freman 2_zpsyqnuo1ny.gif

Unfortunately it was all cancelled due to shenanigans and restrictions were dropped on my husband. I don’t feel as though it was deserved. The many are being punished for the evilness of one and the stupidity of two. I honestly hope the book gets thrown at them. Not exactly how I pictured our final summer here in gorgeous Okinawa.

 photo Freddie Freman 3_zpszsicrenu.gif

As a side note, yes, I’m a huge Atlanta Braves fan. I came out of the womb doing the chop. Big shout out to those who are suffering through the rebuild along side me. I may have gotten irrationally angry when they traded Shelby Miller and Simba (Andrelton Simmons). Lord help them if they trade Freddie Freeman. I have a soft spot for Matt Wisler as well. *sigh* Don’t even get me started on Kelly Johnson. I couldn’t even be mad when he hit a walk off home run to beat the Braves a week after they traded him to the Mets, again. He may be my favorite of them all. Kick some ass Kelly!

Anyway, all that to say, I’m proud to be an American. I always have been.  I still sometimes well up at when the national anthem is sung. I’m incredibly proud to be married to a man who fights for his country because he loves her and wants to defend her.

And I love our flag.

 photo Flag WM_zpsegrqtqsf.jpg
This was taken at Kadena Airbase, Okinawa.


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