Just call me Mrs Sifu, Black & White Edition

If you’d like to read the background behind the post and photos take a gander HERE. I have to be honest, I like the photos in black and white a lot more than in color, though those are nice too. I’m frustrated with pretty much every indoor photo I’ve taken in recent weeks and honestly most of my outdoor as well. When I told my mom I was planning to take a photography course she said something along the lines of “That’s great, but don’t lose you.” Folks I’m losing “me” by trying to “take the shot correctly”. I really just need to carry around  a sign with me that says “Hello, I’m overthinking.”

All that said, I’m pretty happy with these and my husband loves them. Course he thinks just about anything I shoot is great. Good man!

 photo Adam KF BW WM_zps8de2cppr.jpg

 photo Adam KF 2 BW WM_zpss6q2z5cs.jpg

 photo Adam KF 3 BW WM_zpsi1bt7vrp.jpg

 photo Adam KF 5 BW WM_zpsgyaibslj.jpg

 photo Adam KF 6 BW WM_zpsdbktoxnz.jpg

 photo Adam KF 10 BW WM_zpsjuemjf0e.jpg

 photo Adam KF 4 BW WM_zpsx9nxwps1.jpg

 photo Adam KF 7 BW WM_zpskrjamgsh.jpg

 photo Adam KF 8 BW WM_zpshefwtk58.jpg

 photo Adam KF 9 BW WM_zps95egke0v.jpg

 photo Adam KF 11 BW WM_zpsp6durpay.jpg

 photo Adam KF 12 WM_zpsldkbiz7r.jpg

How’s THAT for a photobomb!?!


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