Tokyo Disneyland, Magical Edition

As I previously posted our family celebrated my daughters third birthday at Tokyo Disneyland and it was wonderful. I went back and took all the photos I posted and did them in black and white (because I’m slightly obsessed with black and white photos right now). I love them. I really love them in color but they’re wonderful in black and white too. Maybe I’m totally off my rocker that these turned out great?

Especially for being taken on an iphone…….yup. I don’t think I even took my full size camera that day.  I hadn’t decided to take the photography plunge yet and as a result I was living with my iphone as my full time camera.

Back to Disney. Here’s my Cupcake first seeing Disneyland and her dress (which we had brought with us!).

 photo Tokyo Disney BW WM_zpsljaolbju.jpg

With Snow White

 photo Tokyo Disney 7 BW WM_zpsqcru1ukp.jpg

 photo Tokyo Disney 2 BW WM_zpsjqdrjla8.jpg

 photo Tokyo Disney 5 BW WM_zpsrqgn3pag.jpg

 photo Tokyo Disney 8 BW WM_zps66vvovbg.jpg

Every girl loves a castle!

 photo Tokyo Disney 6a BW WM_zpsfqqz3syc.jpg

And the teacups!

 photo Tokyo Disney 10 BW WM_zpsvnfzwwt5.jpg

And Marry Poppins!

 photo Tokyo Disney 4 BW WM_zpssa5ezlap.jpg

So there’s the magical artsy edition of our magical day at Tokyo Disney. Why do I like black and white photos so much? Does it add to the timelessness of the magic somehow? I actually don’t think so. Disney is so vibrant with color that the color shots are better over all, but the black and white are still pretty great.

 photo Tokyo Disney 9 BW WM_zpsys054g3f.jpg


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