Tokyo Disneyland, Throw Back Thursday

Disneyland is so magical. Here I am a 35 year old woman who is and has always been dazzled by the magic of Disney. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to see four of the parks around the world, Disneyland, Disney World, Disneyland Paris and most recently Tokyo Disneyland.

The trip was completely unintentional. We were only supposed to be on an overnight layover at Yokota AB, but due to mechanical trouble we were stuck for three days. We took one of those days to enjoy some magic.

It was also our daughters first trip, it was near her birthday, so it worked out to be the best birthday surprise ever! She was the most adorable little Snow White.

 photo Tokyo Disney WM_zpshdakanhj.jpg

 photo Tokyo Disney 3 WM_zpsig3nyndu.jpg

For her first trip I could not have planned the morning any better. As we arrived at the park the characters were out and about taking pictures with people. It was like the seas parted and everyone was in awe of Libby and Snow White. Snow was so wonderful. She spent extra time with Libby and then chose her to walk back to the character gate – and by walk I mean skip and dance. It was adorable!

 photo Tokyo 7 WM_zpsyclqxyvw.jpg

 photo Tokyo Disney 2 WM_zpsarqdicmh.jpg

 photo Tokyo Disney 5 WM_zpsov1c6kfk.jpg

 photo Tokyo Disney 8 WM_zpsymgwmpgl.jpg

One thing about Tokyo in the summertime – it’s hot! Gotta stay hydrated.

 photo Tokyo Disney 6a WM_zpslbphyhq5.jpg

Isn’t she beautiful? My birthday Cupcake loved riding on the tea cups, just like her mama.

 photo Tokyo Disney 10 WM_zpseluifdti.jpg

What’s a trip to Disney without seeing Mary Poppins. They also stopped to warn Libby not to eat any apples from strangers, ha!

 photo Tokyo Disney 4 WM_zpsv9sgxeia.jpg

Thank you Disney for a spectacular day. It was unexpected and perfect. We hope to visit again soon!

 photo Tokyo Disney 9 WM_zpsmfspcsup.jpg


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