Ikei Island and Beach

Yet another beautiful island in the Ryukyu chain. Ikei is another small island that is connected to the main island of Okinawa by bridges towards the east. The drive takes about  90 minutes due to low speeds and roads that twist and wind around the rocky edges of each island. The smaller islands consist of mostly farms and jungle and they’re flat out peaceful. Ikei also has a small beach resort type area. It’s a couple of dollars to spend the day and totally worth it as the beach is well maintained with umbrellas, chairs, glass bottom boat tours, jet ski tubing rides etc. It’s a favorite of ours for sure.

This particular day was a first for us. Both of the kids were in school which left Adam and I with a day to ourselves. We hadn’t been to a beach just us in nearly 15 years! On the way  we stopped near the small marina just to take in the view.

 photo Ikei 1 WM_zpss5hbqvmf.jpg

I really loved this boat for some reason.
 photo Ikei 2 WM_zpsaq1rimow.jpg

And why not take a photo of my trusty wheels. cVarn (the c is silent) has been my baby for the past 5.5 years and while she’s needed some work she’s been very reliable. Isn’t she a bute?
 photo Ikei 3 WM_zpskaucwnsw.jpg

If you know my husband I’m sure you’ve had a conversation or twelve about Wing Chun or Kung Fu – he has an incredible instructor and home dojo btw. Maybe they’re the same. Anyway, he asked that I take some pictures of him as he practiced in the sand. I’d like to think these turned out pretty good.

 photo Ikei 6 WM_zps6gd4w54d.jpg

 photo Ikei 9 WM_zpssftx0sre.jpg

 photo Ikei 10 WM_zpscpg8iwjx.jpg

I like this one in both color and black and white. I’m not sure white one I prefer the most though.
 photo Ikei 11 WM_zpsxtktpfvk.jpg

 photo Ikei 11 BW WM_zpshlzzszwd.jpg

I also really like this one both in color and black and white, but I absolutely prefer the black and white most.
 photo Ikei 12 WM_zpsjrlnv4qd.jpg

 photo Ikei 12 BW WM_zpsesx32nqa.jpg

This was rather entertaining. The platform he’s standing on shifted with every wave or breath the fish nearby took. He did well balancing and doing his chi sow (I think that’s what he was doing?)
 photo Ikei 14 WM_zpsdygfxxt7.jpg

Handsome devil isn’t he? I may or may not have been giving him some teasing.
 photo Ikei 13 WM_zpsbobyzv93.jpg

No post of mine would be complete without a bit of artsy fartsy.
 photo Ikei 8 WM_zps8h2s0yle.jpg

These ladies were so nice and incredibly sweet. Vacationing together. I think they are so beautiful. Not to go into too crazy of a territory but the female body is a seriously beautiful thing. The line of this woman’s back is just gorgeous.
 photo Ikei 7 WM_zpsgfw0cpvu.jpg


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