Kouri Island, Artsy Edition

Lately it seems that I have more luck with scenery and candid random shots than I do with my family. I can’t tell if it’s that I just have no gotten the hang of the manual settings or if I’m in my own head too much. I think too much and I don’t trust my eye anymore. That’s a problem.

Even so, I still got these. I’m once again really loving black and white.

This was part of a completely different photo, but I thought it was fun.
 photo Kouri 2 WM_zpsf7dczhnj.jpg

These birds were EVERYWHERE for a solid two hours. My husband swears they were following a herd of fish, gaggle of fish, swarm of fish? Whatever group fish swim in he is convinced that these birds were just following them around having a buffet. Whatever they were doing they were very pretty to watch.
 photo Kouri 8 WM_zpsc6vaikxe.jpg

 photo Kouri 10 BW WM_zpsoyy2kmyo.jpg

This guys was on the beach taking photos of the birds. I found myself rather artsy taking a photo of a photographer taking photos. Yes, I embrace my full nerd most days of the week.
 photo Kouri 14 WM_zpsxkl9uwax.jpg

This is probably my favorite photo of the entire day. I can’t put my finger on exactly why, but I looooove it. I love it in both color and in black and white. I think I prefer the black and white as a whole but I really love the water coming out of the jets in the color.
 photo Kouri 13 WM_zpsygffrtiw.jpg

 photo Kouri 13 BW WM_zpsuvvknuee.jpg


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