Kouri Island, Family Edition

Kouri island is one of my favorites. It’s  a great little day trip that requires actually making it a trip, but it’s close enough that we don’t go insane when it’s time to drive home.

Our latest trip we decided to hang out at a small beach right under the long bridge. The water was warm and the scenery was wonderful as always. It was a pretty overcast and rainy day which worked nicely for the few photos that I took. Quite honestly I wasn’t terribly focused on taking photos. I was enjoying the time in the water with my family. I was able to get these though! While I wish the kids had made eye contact with the camera, and these certainly aren’t my best, I’m also happy with them in general.

 photo Kouri 1 WM_zpsafwqv8yt.jpg
See? Seriously long bridge. It’s a favorite of mine. Ethan is such an outdoorsy kid. He loves the beach and getting dirty in the sand.

This little beach babe of mine is growing so quickly. She’s getting so tall, is so beautiful, is so loving and is kind to boot. Mercy we’re in trouble when she’s 16.
 photo Kouri 4 WM_zps9zaks3rs.jpg

She’s also the easier of the two kids to photograph. So please if you’re reading along and notice that there are far more photos of Libby than of Ethan it’s in no way a favoritism thing or a preference thing it’s a camera shy won’t cooperate for mom thing. As a baby he LOVED the camera. These days, not so much.

 photo Kouri 5 WM_zps6wgowvte.jpg

Then there’s my hubs. He’s not a big fan of the camera either so I have to sneak his pictures.
 photo Kouri 7 WM_zps7bj5icem.jpg

 photo Kouri 12 WM_zpszckhjrwe.jpg

He’s a handsome dude.
 photo Kouri 9 WM_zpspflpqtzf.jpg

Seriously, if only he had kept eye contact! I really need to get better in shutter-speed mode. I still really like this one though.
 photo Kouri 11 WM_zpswhtu4nkn.jpg

Kouri is a fantastic island to take a daytrip. I’m sure we’ll go again in the future and enjoy ever second in it’s beautiful waters. Can’t leave without a little silliness!

 photo E981471E-2E36-4B36-9A74-B02D79F33224_zpsww2744gc.jpg


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