PreK Graduation, that’s a thing?

My daughter is now officially done with her preschool years and will be headed into the big kid world of Kindergarten this fall. Where she will be attending is a different matter for a different post. Yay for an indecisive military!

Back to business. Even though the idea of a full out graduation for 4 and 5 year olds felt silly I was very excited from a photographer point of view. I have been pretty lazy about photos in the recent months so the bit I have been learning, well, it shot right out of my head. I’m disappointed in the Auburn program that I’m working through and as a result I haven’t been doing the work I need to be doing. I’m not at all happy with most of the shots I took today.

I arrived at the school a few minutes early and took a few test shots, figured out what settings I wanted to use and waited for the ceremony to start. Within seconds of everything starting someone dimmed the lights. Son of a bitch!  To make it even more difficult when the time came for the kids to get their certificates they straight up turned the lights off and had a slide show presentation going directly behind the kids. I’m so disappointed with how the photos turned out. I got a nice shot of my daughter with the director but the photo is incredibly noisy and not at all what I was hoping for.

 photo DSC05577_zpspla2fpey.jpg

That said I did get a few nice shots after everything was over. Still too much noise. I don’t love the color versions, but I’m in a good place with the black and white edits.

Libby with Ms Pam. I don’t think we could love this woman more than we do. She loves my daughter and has been such a fantastic teacher.
 photo LG 3 WM_zps4e5aymxm.jpg

My favorite shot of the day.
 photo LG 6 BW WM_zpsxjfqcwht.jpg

 photo Libby Grad 2 BW WM_zpswpzwnwg4.jpg

I think this is my second favorite.
 photo LG 7 BW WM_zpskopocflc.jpg

I’m completely partial, but I think she’s so beautiful. I need to go back and figure out what I messed up in Photoshop. Really odd pixilation over her left shoulder.
 photo LG 5 BW WM_zpsqqoti8uf.jpg

My little graduate!
 photo LG 4 WM_zpsm6ialkcy.jpg

 photo Libby Grad 1 BW WM_zpspdz8vxib.jpg

I’m very proud of my girl. I butted heads a bit with the director of the school but I don’t regret having my kids attend the school. Libby has done so well and has learned so much over the past two years. My baby is growing up!


 photo dr-seuss-graduation-quotes-graduation-quotes-tumblr-for-friends-funny-e9Ec4S-quote_zpsyxdf0lym.jpg


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