Easter Sunday

Our last Easter in Okinawa. I don’t really even know what to say about it to be completely honest. All of the “lasts” are hitting me much harder than I could have ever expected. I’m going to miss this little island so much.

We all woke up a little earlier than usual so that we could attend the earliest service at  Koza Baptist Church. We have a wonderful church. It’s one of the biggest reasons leaving will be so hard. The band and it’s leader, Jason Beams, have been so good to us, especially Adam (and Fancy, the Beams are our Fancy sitters!). Our pastor, John Reimer, is a retired Marine and fantastic. If you’re in Okinawa searching for a church I can not recommend Koza enough. For some reason I can never catch the man with a smile on his face – which is really odd because he’s a happy fellow and is always smiling!

 photo Easter 1 WM_zpsmyd8w6a7.jpg

 photo Easter 13 BW WM_zpsok5psjyw.jpg

I knew I wanted to take some photos today. I don’t know why but for some reason I always feel the need to take photos at the church on holidays. So Sony came along with me and I took a lot of pictures. Problem is…..I swear I took better shots than what is on my memory card. They’re not awful, but they’re riding the line of good pretty hard.

I ended up editing a lot of them into black and white prints (is prints the right context? Shots? Photos?).

 photo Easter 7 BW WM_zpseaei7kiz.jpg

Adam with Stephanie and Jason photo Easter 5 BW WM_zpsf2d7a5l4.jpg

My husband doing his thing, isn’t he handsome?!?
 photo Easter 6 BW WM2_zpszpjfj0ks.jpg

I am really bummed about this one. If Jason’s face could only have been just a tiny bit more in focus I’d have been tickled by this.

 photo Easter 3 WM_zpsgqtt2lrk.jpg

Same goes for my shot of Stephanie (such a lovely lady by the way).

 photo Easter 2 copy WM_zps4s6octrz.jpg

Unfortunately I had the same problem with the shots I took at home after church. I wanted to get the yearly photos for the grandparents and through the viewfinder I thought I got a couple of really great shots. Downloaded them to the computer and they just aren’t what I thought they were going to be. They aren’t sharp, the lighting sucks and I REALLY should have noticed the electrical outlet box behind my sons head as well as the glare from the photo on our wall. It took a whole lot of editing and time in Photoshop to get them like this and I’m just not thrilled.

 photo Easter 8 WM_zps5ahuyqzf.jpg

 photo Easter 10 WM_zpswwqtlf3q.jpg

 photo Easter 9 WM_zpspcunfqib.jpg

They’re such little hams and they really love each other. They bicker like champions but they’re best friends.

 photo Easter 12 WM_zps8vuakbci.jpg

I think the black and white helps, but still, sigh.

 photo Easter 12 BW WM_zps6h41shdg.jpg

I simply adore this one and it drives me nuts I didn’t get it balanced correctly.

 photo Easter 11 BW WM_zpsefsk653v.jpg

In the end I know what the problems are. I didn’t pay enough attention to the lighting and I just don’t have the correct lens for what I wanted to do. I’m chomping at the bit to get my new camera body and lenses but it is not the right time. So for now it’s frustrating. I know I can do better. Today just was not my day.


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