Azalea Park, Part 2

In my last post I covered the beautiful azalea flowers. While I was visiting the park I discovered an unexpected bonus. Usually parks have their routes and as a tourist you are to stay on the path. This park actually encourages stepping off the beaten path and wandering through the bushes. I became one with the bees! Thankfully I didn’t get stung, but I may have danced like I was on fire when I walked through a giant spider web.

Being off the beaten path I felt like I was in a fairytale land. In my mind I kept envisioning my daughter running like a little princess in her secret garden and I think my photographers eye picked up on it because I found myself framing photos in a secret garden kind of way.

 photo Azalea 10 WM_zps9j9fxg8v.jpg

 photo Azalea 9 WM_zps1cdvhpkn.jpg

 photo Azalea 7 WM_zpsu203v2ez.jpg

These stairs, lord these stairs. I love them. I hate them. I love them because I think they’re beautiful. I hate them because they were straight up the side of the hill and it was embarrassing how out of breath I became after climbing them.

 photo Azalea 19 WM_zps8wm5hl9h.jpg

I also found a section full of wooden bridges.

 photo Azalea 18 WM_zpswgx6ytgy.jpg

My artsy fartsy came out.

 photo Azalea 13 WM_zpsre6xosy6.jpg

 photo Azalea 3 WM_zpsg121svuv.jpg

Then I came upon these guys. I believe they’re some type of flytrap plant. When touched they curl up.

 photo Azalea 15 WM_zps57pzfjtm.jpg

 photo Azalea 17 WM_zpsfhd5t3cg.jpg

 photo Azalea 16WM_zpsgtsiqxrr.jpg

All in all the azalea park was a wonderful day. It was nice to get out and explore the island and I think I had a pretty good day learning with my camera some more. I had a ton, and I mean A TON, of photos out of focus and it was incredibly frustrating. Knowing that the kit lens I have doesn’t do what I need a lens to do for the photos I want to take is frustrating. I still got some good stuff though.


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